Not the Average “Folks Next Door”

Imagine this, you pull out of your drive way, it’s a day like any other, about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and you notice your neighbor wearing full riding gear, rain suit, full face helmet, gloves and his wife is about 10 feet away from him blasting him with 2500 psi from a high pressure power washer… It might occur to you, this is a little odd. Then you return from the corner store some 20 minutes later and she is still going at it… now at a distance of 5 feet, and you continue to watch this exhibition for another 10 minutes from your bay window, you can’t stand it, you know you gotta go next door and ask. Others might even draw the blinds and never speak to those neighbors again!!!!!

This would actually be just another day if your neighbors with Pat and Jimmy Kay of Two Wheel Thunder TV!!!  Dragging jackets behind their truck at 75 mph, freezing pad locks in commercial freezers for a couple weeks then going to town on them with a sledge hammer, drills and bolt cutters, then dragging them behind the pickup for 500-600 miles, this is a normal day for Pat and Jimmy. In case you were wondering, Jimmy remained dry after the high pressure water test in the rain suit!!! Pretty impressive I would think. But why would anyone have neighbors behaving so strangely?

I had the good fortune of getting Jimmy Kay to slow down just long enough to get an interview with him. Here is a man who is proud to have served his country in the United States Marine Corp and to this day still dedicates his time and service to others. It dawned on Pat and Jimmy back in 2007 while attending a trade show that companies were paying big bucks to have their products tested and the more they paid the better the review was. On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of smaller companies were giving products away for reviews and getting zero feedback from the folks who were allegedly testing their products. I think we have all fallen victim to purchasing products after doing much research and finding out the product didn’t even come close to living up to the reviews you read on the internet or were endorsed by celebrity X, or the “experts”.  So Pat and Jimmy went to the manufacturers, large and small and said, we will test your product, no charge, no bias, don’t even tell us price of the product and we will write you a review.

Needless to say this spread like wild fire across the industry and as Pat and Jimmy gained credibility with larger and larger manufacturers at the same time they became the catalysts for the little guy with a big idea’s. They paired them up with a company that could produce and or distribute their product(s) for them. 

Sounds simple enough, the Kay’s found a niche and filled it, right? Not exactly, then 2009 comes around then things went wild!!! After running into the film crew of the new Easy Rider Movie “The Ride Back”, they were invited to Milwaukie to go to the Harley Davidson Museum. Upon arrival the film crew was unable to get everyone into the museum. Well of course Jimmy went and explained the situation to museum managers and the next thing you know they are on a private tour of the facility.  “That’s just Jimmy”, Pat would tell you!!!  Well low and behold they met Sheree J. Wilson, co-star of the new Easy Rider Movie, 12 years on the T.V. show Dallas and 8 years on Walker Texas Ranger, Yes that Sheree J. Wilson. Well look out Hollywood, here come the Kay’s.

After riding in the lead pack of motorcycles behind the hearse carrying the remains of fallen soldier Matt Maupin in 2008, Jimmy played an important role in organizing the 1st annual ride the following year in 2009 with Matt’s father Keith Maupin who founded and runs the Yellow Ribbon Support Center. Find them on line and support their mission of supporting deployed soldiers and their families.

Shifting gears to August 2009, Sheree J. Wilson had them invited to Las Vegas to the Brenden Theater for the first preview of the Easy Rider Movie, “The Ride Back”.  Now the Kay’s are rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite thus giving them access to celebrities on a very personal level and working with them on many fund raisers from Autism to Veterans affairs.  It was at an Autism fund raiser that Pat and Jimmy captured the last moments of Larry Hagman on film only a few days prior to his untimely death. You can also read their latest interview with Sonny Barger, founder Oakland Chapter of the Hells Angels, in the April 2013 article in Ridin’ On Magazine.

No one knows where these two will turn up next. In the last six years they have taken their ideas and filled a niche. Their hard work and diligence has thrown them into the lime light and allowed them to work with many superstars. They will both tell you that neither of them could do what they do without one another. Jimmy can get anyone to sit down and do an interview, but it is his partner Pat that captures everything on camera or digital media and runs the logistics of their operations.

The biggest compliment that I believe can be bestowed upon these two is that in this whirlwind of accomplishments, nothing has ever clouded or caused them to deviate from their original mission, nor has it changed who they are. Ask Jimmy or Pat what their mission is as I did in closing this interview and they will tell you the same as Jimmy told me. They give free product reviews without bias or preconceptions; they write product reviews that are honest and about the products performance regardless of manufacturer or vendor; and most recently working with celebrities in a personal environment bringing the motorcycle riding community a genuine prospective of their subject(s) and the charitable organizations they support.